Mark Clark

CFP®  ~  CKA®

Wealth Planning & Design 

"From initial inquiry to post-implementation, Mosaik’s organization was detailed and professional. Led by Amanda Butler, their team demonstrated exceptional subject matter expertise and a genuine interest in our success. Thanks to Mosaik, we’ve been able to accelerate our use of advanced technologies. I would not hesitate to use Amanda and her team for future integrations, enhancements, and customizations. It is rare these days to have an organization exceed expectations, but Mosaik has gone the extra mile. This extra mile is defined not only by excellent work but a valued relationship that has impacted business growth.” -Mark Clark, CFP®, Vice President Nepsis Capital Management

Daniel Tobias

Tobias Financial Advisors

"Mosaik has saved our data, written custom code, and migrated us to a new version of Salesforce. Through it all, they have been a pleasure to work with and always takes the time to brainstorm through challenges rather than doing the quick and dirty to just get the job done quickly. Mosaik has become a resource we rely upon and one that we are happy to recommend." -Daniel Tobias, Tobias Financial Advisors


Barry Ritholtz

Ritholtz Wealth Management

​​"We use Salesforce to manage our asset management & financial planning business, from the the f​​irst inquiry to annual regular client reviews. We only began to utilize the full power of Salesforce when we started working with Mosaik Consulting. They helped automate much of our practice. Mosaik gave us metrics for tracking our processes, directly helping us to raise our productivity levels. In short, they made us a better, more efficient asset management firm.”

Trevore Meyer

Responsive Financial Group Inc.

​"Mosaik was a great resource throughout our migration. We were not the easiest transition considering the amount of customization involved. However, each time an  issue came up, Mosaik offered a solution either on the spot or with research and follow-through. They walked us through making our own system changes and provided excellent summa​tion training to help us get the most out of Salesforce. We were very pleased to have Mosaik handle our migration and will likely rely on them for future customizations."